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2048 Giant

About 2048 Giant

Join 2048 Giant to make the numbers bigger with the exciting rotation of the screen and blocks to connect the same numbers. The 2048 game has never been so fun.

The 2048 Game

2048 is a familiar game that takes you to the arrangement of numbers. It is not only an entertaining game but also a brain game so you show your abilities to achieve the highest achievements. The aim of games of this genre is to make the most numbers.

Coming to 2048 Giant, you also have the same goal. However, the gameplay has become completely different from the previous games.

2048 Giant Gameplay

The gameplay of this game becomes unique thanks to the arrangement of blocks and the operation of the playing screen. Moving on to the first section, you can learn how to place blocks with numbers.

How To Place Blocks And Numbers

In the blocks, there will be different numbers like 4, 8, 16, and 32. These numbers can increase with your turn. 2048 Giant will give you a crossbow to shoot blocks on the playing screen. This crossbow can move left and right. However, you cannot calibrate the strength. Each time you shoot, the block will automatically fly to the furthest point in the line.

Exciting Movement Of The Play Screen In 2048 Giant

The movement of the playing screen is more interesting than the bouncing of the balls in Basketball Master. You can rotate the play screen 360 degrees to aim at your desired position. The screen can only rotate in one direction, but you can rotate it as many times as you want.

This rotation of the screen will help you choose more locations to shoot blocks. You will not be constrained to one dimension of the playing screen.

To rotate the screen, simply press the rotate arrow in the lower right corner. Wish you get the highest numbers in 2048 Giant!