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Draw Climber

About Draw Climber

Draw Climber is a speed contest between you and your opponent. However, during the run, you need to draw your character's legs to finish the race. This exciting gameplay will make the game more attractive than other casual games. Instead of just simple moves like Block Puzzle, this game allows you to choose your moves.

How To Draw Characters Legs

Draw Climber has a protagonist and an opponent, two squares. To help the square move, you need to draw to create legs for your character. There's a canvas for you at the bottom. Use your mouse and draw any shape you want. You can decide all about this leg from the length, width, and shape.

Note that you should design so that this leg can move and is suitable for the terrain of the game. Some terrain is difficult to navigate through. Your character may not be able to move without a suitable pair of legs.

Factors To Keep In Mind

Besides how to draw legs, you also need to pay attention to some other problems in this Draw Climber game.

Competing With Opponents

There is an opponent that will start with you at the same time. Whoever reaches the finish line first wins. Winners will receive valuable rewards such as coins and experience points to level up.

To defeat the enemy, the most important factor is to move as fast as possible.

Quick Move Tips In Draw Climber

You need to avoid being blocked by the terrain. Draw the legs that are best for the road ahead so you can always keep moving. It will save you time.

In addition, changing your legs will take some time. For example, if you change chan 10 times in a match, your win rate will be very low. Therefore, the game still comes down to the deciding factor: do not change legs too many times.