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Sniper Strike

About Sniper Strike

Sniper Strike is an intense and tense shooting game with a first-person perspective. Be a top marksman with the ability to aim and shoot accurately.

Sniper Strike puts players in extremely difficult, stressful, and dangerous situations. But it creates a powerful suction. Fighting for survival Will push players to complete their goals by all means.

The target is given to the gunner performing sniper shooting from the roof. Find and destroy enemies before they detect you. The important factor to win this game is the ability to observe with sharp eyes, be cautious in all situations, and the ability to shoot accurately. Comes with it is a special strategy.

For each completed mission, the player will be awarded points. With those points, you can upgrade your gun and buy new guns with many features.

Are you mentally ready for this suffocating battle? Experience Sniper Strike completely free on our website.

How to play

  • Shoot: Left-click.
  • Observation: Right-click.
  • Zoom in/out: Scroll mouse-wheel.
  • Pause: Press the Tab key.
  • Reload: Press the R key.