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Color Maze Puzzle

About Color Maze Puzzle

Color Maze Puzzle comes from the fun world of online games with balls that can color mazes. However, the coloring journey will be challenging.

Play With Levels

Color Maze Puzzle takes you to a maze world where the ball is locked in an enclosed space.

Coloring To Escape

The ball wants to get out of the maze, you need to color it to advance to the next level. This gameplay is not too strange for online game enthusiasts. However, it also cannot be considered easy to complete this puzzle game because there are many challenges.

You have to face the complexity of the maze. The maze has many different paths and brackets. Meanwhile, your ball can only move from the beginning to the end of a path. It can't stop halfway and veer off into another path. Therefore, it is not easy to adapt this move to complete high levels.

Number of Levels In Color Maze Puzzle

With 80 different levels, this online game will challenge your ability and intelligence. After completing these 80 levels, if you want to continue, you can visit Protect My Dog 2 for more puzzles to solve. However, the puzzles in this game have had a twist when you have to protect your dog from dangerous bees by drawing lines of protection. The genre of puzzle games is very diverse in terms of gameplay. You don't need to worry about running out of challenges to conquer!

Color Maze Puzzle All Balls

8 balls will be provided to you after you complete the required levels. The levels that help you unlock these balls are level 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 70. Thus, after every 10 levels, you can have a new ball to conquer the next challenge. These balls are beautifully designed. Unlock it and experience it!