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Bouncy Blob Race: Obstacle Course

About Bouncy Blob Race: Obstacle Course

Control the power of the blob to bounce over obstacles and reach the finish line in Bouncy Blob Race: Obstacle Course. Try to win your opponent at every turn.

Bouncy Blob Race: Obstacle Course was released in March 2024 and can be played on Web browsers as well as desktop and mobile devices. Adaptation across platforms helps players easily access the game in all situations.

Bouncy Blob Race: Obstacle Course game is built on physics and is mainly based on the laws of propulsion. The thrust will determine the speed and direction of the blob's movement.

The player's goal is to get the blob through obstacles to the finish line based on the rules and thrust operations. It is necessary to determine the correct direction of force to click the mouse at the right time. If the rule is incorrectly determined, the blob will go in the opposite direction and the player will fail to bring the blob to the finish line.

Race against your opponents. If your opponent finishes before you, the turn will end and you will be the loser.

Tips to conquer the game

  • The track has a lot of twists and turns, but you need to stay calm and click the mouse when necessary.
  • Each blob will have a round hole to escape the force. You should click the mouse when the round hole turns towards the starting line. This will create a push for the blob to go faster.
  • Observe the direction of the round hole to continuously click in cases where it is necessary to accelerate to overcome obstacles.
  • Don't be hasty if you don't want to take the wrong steps.

How to play

Use mouse. Left click to play.