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Bee Connect

About Bee Connect

Bee Connect challenges your wits with math operations and arranging numbers to make the biggest possible number. Every interface of the game is like a beehive. That's why this game is called Bee Connect.

This online game belongs to the intellectual genre. It doesn't take you to the world of speed with Death Run 3D anymore. Instead, it is a peaceful time for you to enjoy the puzzles that the game has to offer.

What's In This Puzzle Game

Referring to the name of the game, you can see a prominent word 'Bee'. As you're thinking, this game will involve bees. Or more specifically, this game will be a model of a beehive where you transform into a hard-working bee to complete your task.

The Board In Bee Connect

The playing field is a large hexagon. Inside, there are 37 small hexagons. This structure makes the board look like a beehive with 37 positions. In particular, the board is designed with golden brown color. Everything is pointing towards a real hive. All your connections in this game need a connection as tight as a beehive.

Challenging Numbers

In the small hexagons, there will be numbers. However, not all hexagons have numbers. These numbers can be 1,2,3,4 or higher than that. It's up to your connections to make bigger numbers.

When playing, you need to keep in mind that the numbers are divided into two categories: numbers on the board and numbers to add. Some numbers will appear on the playing field while the numbers outside are preparing to be added to the screen when you move enough steps. Distinguishing these two types of numbers is important. In particular, you need to prepare plans to deal with the added numbers. Don't let these numbers affect your previous strategies.

Play Bee Connect

Your task is to connect 4 or more hexagons with the same number. When these hexagons are placed close together, they will automatically match and form a new number. The new number is the sum of all the previous hexagons.

However, to move the hexagon, you need to ensure two things.

  • First, remember to click on the hexagon you want to move. Then, click on the position you want to move it to. The hexagon will find its way to the pickup destination.
  • Second, you need to make sure there aren't any obstacles in the path of the hexagon. There must be at least one path with no obstacles to navigate.

Skills Available For You

Bee Connect provides 4 main skills: Refresh, Remove 1, Remove 5, and Remove Same Color. Each of these skills has the same effect as their name. To activate these skills, you need to use the stars that you earn from successfully connecting the hexagons.