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Fish Eat Fish

About Fish Eat Fish

Discover the secrets of the ocean in the exciting game Fish Eat Fish. Dominate the sea by eating all the small creatures and avoid being chased by big fish.

The ocean is a place containing interesting things that we have never fully discovered. It is the home of marine creatures such as animals and plants with countless different shapes and colors. All create a brilliant and vivid picture.

Inspiration to create Fish Eat Fish

Marine organisms have a nutritional relationship with each other, also known as a food chain. The species in front is the food of the species behind and this is also the inspiration to create an extremely interesting game called Fish Eat Fish.

Rules of the game

Based on the rules of the food chain, the species behind will eat the species in front. You will play the role of a lovely little fish. Move under the sea and search for food. This fish will eat all phytoplankton and other animals. You are only allowed to eat fish that are smaller than you. Absolutely do not collide with larger fish. Because large fish will swallow you and the game will end.

Goals when playing games

  • Try to score as many points as possible by eating a lot of food. Become the largest fish in the ocean.
  • Sea creatures are extremely diverse for small fish to eat, but please choose and pay special attention to octopuses. You should only eat green octopus because it will help you increase your score.
  • Make eating starfish your top priority because it gets you 5 points. Some pretty high scores.
  • Run quickly and avoid colliding with big fish.

How to play

Use the mouse.