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Bolly Beat

About Bolly Beat

Bolly Beat runs on all platforms to bring you into the world of music, light, and speed. Conquer these factors to win the best entertainment moments.

Bolly Beat Elements

As mentioned above, this online game has 3 outstanding elements. Each element contributes to the game a certain value. To learn more about these factors, let's go to the following 3 subsections.

Music Through The Roads

Bolly Beat is divided into 8 different stages. Each stage is a different song. Music inherently motivates players to become more excited and happy. In this game, the music has the same goal. Each stage of the stages makes you more excited to move forward to conquer the challenges.

Bolly Beat's Amazing Light

With a neon design, the game stands out with its vibrant colors and top-notch color schemes. The colors are vibrant but not too dazzling. This will satisfy even the most demanding players.

Ultimate Movement Speed

The ball in Bolly Beat moves at high speed to deliver surprisingly thrilling challenges. It not only trains your reflexes but also helps you to solve situations faster.

Way To Conquer Beats In This Game

The stages in this Bolly Beat game will play out like a race track. The main character is a ball. You need to control this ball to win 100% of the tracks and complete a song.

There are platforms arranged on 3 different lanes. Their positions are very diverse. They can be arranged close together, far apart, or continuous. The alternating arrangement between these platforms will make you feel eager to conquer.

Jump on platforms to move. If you jump out, you will lose a heart. Losing 3 hearts will make the game over. Besides, the dark platforms will also cost you a heart if you touch them.