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Protect My Dog 2

About Protect My Dog 2

Defend your dog from the swarm of bees for 10 seconds to defeat Protect My Dog 2. This popular game is back with an upgraded, second version. This version will be more challenging and difficult for you. To conquer them, you will need a lot of intelligence to succeed.

Protect My Dog

Protect My Dog 2 is the first entry in this puzzle series. You need to draw lines to protect your dog. Note that you can only draw in one stroke. When you raise the pen, the time will start to count and the bees will appear. You are successful when the dog does not have any stings.

However, this goal is not easy when the bees are too powerful. They can find a lot of different ways to attack your pet even though you have found many ways to protect the dog.

The first version has attracted a lot of players. Coming to the second version, the successful continuation will be maintained

Second Edition

With this name, players quickly distinguish between the first version and the second version. The difference between these two versions will be shown at each level.

The Difference of Protect My Dog 2

This second version is designed with new levels. These levels do not overlap with any level in the previous version. Besides, the game terrain also changes significantly when your dog appears in very unique locations. Even at a certain level, you can start with the dog floating in the air, and below it is a water hole.

Be aware that objects like waterholes are just as dangerous to your dog as bees. You will also have to end the game if the dog falls into the water or any danger.

How To Control

You just need to use your mouse to move around the Protect My Dog 2 screen to draw protective lines.