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About EvoWars.io

EvoWars.io requires you to enter and survive in this multiplayer world to fight, kill, and evolve while trying to be the strongest player to dominate the map.

Without a doubt, this game is one of the most anticipated multiplayer games on our Death Run 3D website. Coming to this multiplayer game, you have the opportunity to show your fighting ability to become the winner. However, it is not easy to win in this game.

How To Win EvoWars.io

At the start of this multiplayer game, you are a small character like your little fly in FlyorDie.io. At this time, your character is difficult to attack other players because your weapon is too small. Characters with small levels will have small weapons. If you advance toward your opponents, you will be easily destroyed.

Therefore, you should collect the orbs first. Orbs are scattered all over the map and it helps you level up. This game provides you with weapons to fight. The higher the level, the more powerful your weapon becomes. Try to collect as many orbs as you can. This is the most necessary job for you when you are small.

After that, when you're big enough, you can start fighting other players. Use your weapon to hit other players. You need to hit the opponents to make their health bar depleted. You may need to hit a few times before your opponents are eliminated. This depends on your level and the weapon. Defeat enemies and keep collecting orbs to become the leader of the map.

However, you need to be mindful of your speed. The bigger you are, the slower you move. You can move faster as a small character. Therefore, you should use your agility when you are small to collect orbs and avoid the attack of other players. Your opponents in this io game are also very aggressive. Let's fight, kill, and evolve to be the winner in the EvoWars.io game.

Control Instructions

  • Use YOUR MOUSE to move.
  • Press the left mouse button to attack.
  • Press the right mouse button to accelerate.

Note that you will lose your experience while accelerating. You should only speed up when absolutely necessary because speeding up can cause you to decrease your level.

More Information For You

This game is for all players. You can play on web browsers, IOS, or Android.

Summary Table

In the main lobby, you can see a leaderboard where you can keep track of stats for the most recent and best matches. The game will also show your total achievements. You can see kills, score, and time. Can you surpass yourself and get more and more high scores?

Activate boost In EvoWars.io

The EvoWars.io game gives you 5 different boosts. You can add them to improve your results after each battle and increase your points and experience points. Let's collect boosts by watching ads and get 5 boosts. You can use these boosts at any time. Use them wisely to get the most advantage.