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Elastic Man

About Elastic Man

Elastic Man is a unique entertainment game world when you interact and play with a baby. However, this boy is no ordinary with his skin and eyes.

This Boy's Non-Traditional Ability

Every child around the world has a smooth skin and sparkling eyes. Those are the two outstanding elements of the children. The boy in Elastic Man is no exception. The most prominent thing on his face is his skin and eyes

Elastic Man's Special Skin

The boy just appeared with a round face. However, looking at this face, we can see a smooth skin. Not only that, this skin also has admirable elasticity. No matter what you do with this facial skin, it will return to its original state as soon as you stop affecting it. For example, I've pinched, pulled, and pulled the skin to any corner of the game. As soon as I release my hand, everything returns to its original state. What an admirable skin!

Impressive Flexible Eyes

The boy's eyes in Elastic Man are big and round. Compared to the size of his eyes, his pupils are very small. However, this pupil is surprisingly flexible. It will look in whatever direction you move. It seems that the boy loves to follow you just like you love to play with his skin.

The Benefits of Playing Elastic Man

Elastic Man provides entertainment for all players. It seems to remove all fatigue with a new method: playing with young children. In particular, this baby will not fuss and let you do whatever you want. This way of entertainment is completely different from Merge Cakes where you have several missions to complete.

How to control: Use YOUR MOUSE to do whatever you can with Elastic Man.