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Merge Cakes

About Merge Cakes

Merge Cakes takes you to the world of delicious cakes! Instead of making cakes, you will combine existing cakes to create interesting new cakes. This job is even more fun than baking because you can get creative and experiment with so many different recipes. That is completely new.

What Do You Do In Merge Cakes

Merge Cakes requires you to combine similar cakes to create a new cake with a higher level. It is impossible to combine different types of cakes.

Once combined, new cakes will bring you more coins at a faster rate. Although everything is simple in the beginning, things will become more complicated as you progress into the game to reach higher levels.

In-Game Support Items

As a basic rule, to create cakes, you need to click on the tray for the cakes to appear. However, thanks to support items, your work will become faster and more efficient. Besides, you can also get more prizes.

Go Shopping To Buy Merge Cakes Items

The items in the shop are very diverse. In particular, they are hidden. These items are revealed only when you reach enough level and have enough coins to buy. However, you probably know that these items will help you shorten the time it takes to make a cake and help you quickly get the tray to place the cake.

Achievements You're Easier to Achieve

The game Merge Cakes will award-worthy titles to talented players based on the number of cakes that can be combined. These achievements are also based on your level which represents your experience points. Some outstanding achievements include Innovative Baker, Expert Merger, and Sweet Tooth Buyer.