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Thumb Fighter

About Thumb Fighter

Battles of thumb officially begin in Thumb Fighter. In this action game, you need to press and hold the opponent's head for a period of time to win.

The Novelty of The Game

The novelty of this action game is reflected right in the game's characters and gameplay.

Thumb Fighter Characters

Your character is a thumb. Have you ever imagined the life of a thumb? Now, you can transform into this character to participate in battles. Your character will be extremely lovable in appearance. However, the determination to fight and win is extremely strong. Help and transform into this character to make his determination come true with victory.

Competitive Play Between Two Characters

You and your opponent will stand on either side of the playing screen with a unique ability: bend your finger to push the opponent down. There is a health bar at the top. If you crush your opponent and drain their health bar, you win. On the contrary, your opponent will defeat you if they can do that task first.

Besides, there is an energy bar at the bottom of the health bar. When the mana bar is full, you can perform a super smash with massive power. Your opponent's health will be significantly reduced if hit by this attack.

Note that, while competing, avoiding attacks is extremely important. Don't bow to your opponent if you don't want to be crushed by the enemy.

Thumb Fighter With Two Modes

There are two modes for you to experience: 1P and 2P. 1P mode is where you compete against AI opponents while you and your friends can play together in 2P quizzes.

How to control

  • Player 1: W key
  • Player 2: Up Arrow Key