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Basketball Master

About Basketball Master

Basketball Master takes place in continuous throwing rounds to achieve the biggest mission of this game: getting the highest score possible. It sounds simple but things get more complicated as you play.

A war against time awaits you ahead!

Choices When Coming to Basketball Master

Right at the main screen after accessing this basketball game, you can see two main choices: ball skins and backgrounds. These two options are not too special, but they will also bring outstanding and interesting things to the game. What you can see most easily is the novelty for you every time you change these two factors.

Ball Skins In Basketball Master

Are you curious about how many skins you can get in this game? They are not many but also not few. In total, there will be 25 different skins. Each ball has its own beauty. For example, you can choose a pink ball in the shape of a donut. Food lovers will love the shape of the ball. Besides, shapes like Halloween pumpkins, soccer balls, or half-eaten cheese are all available in this Basketball Master game. You can choose any one of the 25 balls to join the game without any quests or requirements

All Backgrounds For You

Like skins, you can select backgrounds in Basketball Master without performing a quest. This helps the player not to be restrained and forces the player to perform a certain task. Instead, you just have to enjoy this entertaining game as much as you can.

Going back to the background, their number is less than the skin with 4 designs. Each design depicts a different place. The first location is in the middle of the city at night while the second is in the city during the day. Next, the background with the theme of the stadium and the beach is also available for you to choose from.

Go To Official Basketball Matches

Basketball Master happens in a special way when you are not competing with other players. Instead, you will play alone and fight with the elements that the game offers. Those factors are time and basket. They are challenges that not every player can conquer easily.

Your task in Basketball Master is to throw the ball into the basket within the allotted time. With successful throws, you will receive corresponding points. If you are unable to do this task, the game will end with the match result saved. When the match result is the highest ever, this sports game will show you.

However, to reach the goal, time and baskets will test you. Each time you throw the ball, you only have 5 seconds to click. In these 5 seconds, you absolutely have to throw the ball into the basket. Otherwise, you will lose. To throw the ball, you just need to use the mouse and click to make the ball bounce as you like.

Besides, you also need to pay attention to the baskets. They will change position after each successful throw. You need to adapt to this.

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