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About FlyorDie.io

In FlyorDie.io, you have a chance to experience the life of a fly and try to survive in a world full of different creatures where the big ones eat the little ones. Can you survive in this dangerous world? Start this game now and show your survival!

FlyorDie.io Multiplayer

On our website, you can play the FlyorDie.io game for free. This game is designed for web browsers and Android. You only need to use a smart device with an internet connection to access our website. After that, search for this game on the search bar or find it in the hot game section. Choose the icon of this entertaining game to start playing. It is easy to access. Not only this game but all other games like Death Run 3D can also be played for free. This is a featured feature that our website offers to all players.

Is This Game a Multiplayer Game

FlyorDie.io is also known as EvoWorld.io. It was first launched in April 2018 and quickly received the attention of millions of players around the world. This io game is developed by Pixel Voices.

This game is a multiplayer action game. Join this game to compete with other players and show your ability.

How To Start FlyorDie.io

In order to play this game, you need to enter your nickname and choose your country before pressing the Play button to start the wars in the world of FlyorDie.io

The Gameplay

FlyorDie.io has the gameplay that a big fly eats a smaller fly. When you enter the bouncing world, you will become a small fly. Control your fly to start eating food. Note that you can only eat animals with a green border. The red-bordered flies are impossible to eat because they are bigger than you. Besides, you should also avoid these red-bordered animals because you can be destroyed by them. Eat as much food as possible to increase your body size. The bigger you are, the stronger you become. As a result, you can eat more animals.

On the map, there are many animals of different sizes. You need to move quickly and use your quick reactions to avoid the dangerous attacks of other players. Try to be the biggest animal to dominate the map.

Ranks Of Your Fly

Your fly can grow based on the experience you gain. After each battle, you can gain more experience points. Experience points are based on your achievements. For example, you can win 6000 exp if you play this multiplayer game for 60 minutes. You can also get 2000 exp if you kill 5 other flies. Besides, you can also evolve your fly to get up to 302,500 exp.

After gaining experience points, your fly will level up. The higher your level, the better.

In addition, try to get the highest score to put your name on the leaderboard. Players with the highest scores will be honored in a daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboard. See this leaderboard to know your position!