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Block Puzzle

About Block Puzzle

Block Puzzle features 200 different levels to challenge your intelligence to arrange the blocks into the playing screen completely. It's not easy. The huge number of levels makes you feel free to show off your talents.

Block Puzzle Highlights

The highlight of this game is probably the large number of stages. This large number of levels can meet all your challenging needs. Besides, the higher the number of levels you conquer, the higher your level shows because conquering 100 levels is not easy and 2000 becomes more difficult.

Besides, eye-catching graphics are also a plus point of this game when the developer sets blocks with many different colors. You can see bright colors like red, orange, purple, and yellow. These colors make your playing experience more enjoyable. There is no room for boredom in this puzzle game.

Enjoy the Game By Sorting Blocks

The arrangement of blocks appears in many games. A good example is 2048 Giant where you can shoot blocks to your desired locations while experiencing the magical scrolling of the play screen. Going back to Block Puzzle, you will also arrange the blocks but it's in a different way.

Various Shapes of Blocks

The single blocks in this game have a familiar hexagon shape. However, the game will not only give you single blocks. Instead, these blocks will come together to form unique shapes. It is difficult to predict the shapes of these combinations. This is the same with the play screen. The play frame will also come in a variety of shapes.

Block Puzzle Missions With Blocks

3 blocks will appear at the same time. You need to arrange them on the play frame so that they can fit together. The shape and number of blocks will increase with each level to challenge each player's ability to play.