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Air Hockey Cup

About Air Hockey Cup

Dominate leagues and climb the rankings with the winter sports Air Hockey Cup. Complete the challenges, control the cards well, and win through strategy.

Winter has arrived and Inlogic Software has brought fans an extremely attractive sport. Dispel the cold and warm the soul, fan the fire of competition with a burning sports spirit. Air Hockey Cup is the sport that is expected this winter. The game was officially released on December 21, 2023, and received enthusiastic support from fans of this game genre.

The player's task is to tie his shoelaces, put on his winter sports uniform, and get ready to come up with a perfect ball control strategy. Move the cards professionally, mastering the speed and movement of the ball. Try to complete your goals and outwit your opponents. Write your name on the leaderboard.


  • Air Hockey Cup has attractive gameplay that creates excitement with its fast pace.
  • Opportunity to participate in expanded tournaments. Have the opportunity to compete in the international arena.
  • Develop speed control and mastery skills.

How to play

Use the mouse to control the ball.