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Arctic Pong

About Arctic Pong

Arctic Pong brings you an exciting race between seals and polar bears. Transform into a seal and move like a ping-pong ball to get the highest score.

This game is especially interesting as you can experience and explore a snowy land full of dangers. To conquer this dangerous land, it is not simple. As a result, the game both tests your mobility and gives you the opportunity to show off your abilities.

High-skill players will love this game as it is a great platform for you to showcase your talents. If you are a new player, you do not need to worry too much because the game will gradually increase in difficulty. You can comfortably play this running game at the beginning of the game and gradually improve your ability. Adapting to Arctic Pong's gameplay is not as difficult as you think.

Arctic Pong's Gameplay

Arctic Pong does not require too many rules and control methods. You just need to follow the following two rules to play this game.

Moving Between Two Barriers

The map of the game is a snow field without any obstacles. The only things you see are the two bars at the top and bottom. Your seal can only move between these two barriers to avoid upcoming dangers.

It means you can jump from one barrier to another and back again. It is impossible to move left or right. However, if during the move you want to return to the previous barricade, it will be possible. You just need to keep pressing the joystick again to go back.

Your joystick is the left mouse button. With just one click from you, the seal will start making one move.

Avoid Arctic Pong's Polar Bear Way

The polar bears will move back and forth between your bars. If you neglect it, the polar bears will immediately destroy you. It is a sad ending to this entertaining game where you have to finish the game. Therefore, press return as soon as you see a polar bear approaching. You should only move when there is no danger.

What You Won In Arctic Pong

The more times you hit the bars, the more stars you get. The number of stars will show your ability and bravery. You can then move to the main screen to unlock new skins for the seals. These skins are frozen because of the cold weather. They are waiting for you to come to unlock them.