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Cricket Hero

About Cricket Hero

Cricket Hero is a great entertaining place for you to hit baseball with some weird rules that have never been seen in baseball games before. This will make the game more interesting.

Strange Rules

Does playing by the usual rules of baseball make you feel bored? Come to Cricket Hero for a completely new experience with humorous rules.

Hit Ball or Bomb

In the ball runs, the players will just hit the ball. However, in Cricket Hero, you face bombs. You must react quickly to not be trapped by the game with dangerous bombs. Distinguish between bombs and balls to make your shots.

Cricket Hero's Magical Disappearance

When you hit the ball successfully, it will not be unexpected. However, try to miss the ball or hit the bomb and see what happens. Your player will be buried in a secret hole and disappear. Besides, if you don't control the character and miss the balls, he will get angry. The expressions are varied and vivid.

Moving Target

Up to two goals can appear. You need to move left or right to accommodate these goals. However, there are not always 2 goals so you don't have to worry.

To distinguish two goals, look at the circle in front of the player. The goal has a clear shape that is your goal right now. The remaining goal will be shown dimly at the back.

Cricket Hero Scoring Principle

You need to hit the ball into the circle of the goal. However, you are not allowed to let the ball move to the center of the goal. Therefore, you need to time the beat correctly.

You have 3 chances to miss or hit the bomb. After these 3 chances, the game will calculate the total score for you.