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Diamond Rush

About Diamond Rush

Diamond Rush presents you with challenges to collect diamonds with each of your moves. Change the position of gems together to create a complete combination.

Coming to this online game, you will proceed to an ancient cave. This cave was formed a long time ago. Inside it, many precious diamonds waiting for you to collect. However, these diamonds have a special requirement to obtain. Are you ready to fulfill this need and get precious rewards from this cave?

Diamond Rush Online

The diamonds are arranged on the playing screen with the mess. You can see that there are many varieties of diamonds and gems such as luxurious rubies, precious white diamonds, or high-quality emeralds. These valuable items are lying side by side.

Your task is to rearrange them into lines with 3 or more diamonds of the same type. Then, you can take them away.

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Diamond Rush Playtime

The game only allows you to arrange the diamonds in 1 minute. After one minute, you must stop the game and receive your result. Therefore, playing time is precious. You should save time by moving as fast as you can. If you have no idea of any moves, using the game's hints would also be a good idea.

Power Diamonds

When you match 3 diamonds in Diamond Rush, the diamonds will simply disappear. However, with 4 or more diamonds, you can form super diamonds with different powers such as exploding an area around, clearing a row or a column, or destroying all diamonds on the playing screen.