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Domino Battle

About Domino Battle

Domino Battle takes you to mind battles with dominoes. You need the fewest dominoes or no dominoes to win after alternating moves between players. It's hard to imagine how to play this game through this intro. Come to the detailed introduction to get more instructions!

Two Modes In This Puzzle Game

Domino Battle has two modes: Block and Draw. Usually, other games can default to your mode in a character. However, this game will give you the opportunity to choose between the two.

Block Mode

When you take this role, you need to get rid of all the dominos sooner than the opponent to gain victory. The rule is that each player will choose 7 dominos. During play, if you cannot continue your turn, your opponent will have the right to move. When all players are unable to continue, the game is over. In the end, the player with the fewest dominoes wins.

Draw Of Domino Battle

This mode continues for players to choose 7 dominoes. Any remaining dominoes will be set aside. If you don't have any dominoes to move on, you need to pick up a domino from the storage until you have a matching domino. If the storage has no more dominoes, Draw mode will end like Block mode.

Domino's Moves

To move dominoes in Domino Battle, you need to understand the layouts first. There are 9 types of domino layouts. The layouts will differ in the number of dots and the arrangement of the dots. In particular, the structure of a domino will be divided into 2 parts with different dots.

At the start of the game, the player who has the domino with 2 same parts will go first. If 2 or more players have the domino that meets the above requirement, the player with the greater total number of dots moves. Then, in turn, the players will hit their dominoes according to the rules of the layout. Remember the Domino Battle tutorial to see the layout and rules more clearly!