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Doodle Arena

About Doodle Arena

Doodle Arena is an extremely fierce survival battle game between ocean creatures. Join this chaotic war to upgrade your powers and unlock special abilities.

In the world of Doodle Arena, players will be transformed into warriors tasked with creating doodles and equipped with a different fighting style to dodge and attack enemies.

Doodle Arena attracts players thanks to its unique features, intuitive controls, and extremely simple gameplay. Suitable for people with gaming ability from worst to best.

Doodle Arena will create a playing field with doodles coming from enemies. They have very difficult and chaotic tactics and attack strategies but still have their own rules.

Players need to dodge their opponent's attacks while launching powerful counterattacks that make their opponents tremble in fear. Collect diamonds, gold, and power-ups to take on stronger opponents.

Players need to collect orbs to level up and have a chance to gain power-ups for special abilities. Experience playing in crazy mode and invisible mode. Both modes are extremely attractive.

Earning a lot of diamonds also helps players unlock paintings and increase their chances of surviving crazy attacks.

Characteristic features

  • There is global competition.
  • Easy control mechanism.
  • Experience new visuals.


  • Fight against the Doodle Horde.
  • Unlock Doodleverse.
  • Increases character's strength.

How to play

  • Move: Use the mouse.
  • Shoot: Use the left mouse/ space/ enter.
  • Dash: Use the right mouse/ W/ up arrow.