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Doomsday Shooter

About Doomsday Shooter

Doomsday Shooter is a shooting game to protect the world from evil with pixel style. With 11 types of weapons, knock down your opponent quickly and accurately.

Released in March 2023 on the Web browser platform. BPC Games has brought players the most addictive 3D shooting game of the moment.

Doomsday Shooter brings players to a mystical world where you must perform the task of protecting the castle from strange creatures such as demons, goblins, and scary spirits. They are like assassins from the dead.

You have 11 types of weapons to destroy them. There are times when you need to use axes, hammers, bazookas, shotguns, and other heavy weapons. Use them flexibly to get the most out of them.

Try to survive until the end of the attack so you can rest, collect rewards, and upgrade your character.

How to play

  • To move: Use the W/A/S/D keys.
  • Search around: Move the mouse.
  • To run: Use W + Shift.
  • To jump: Use the spacebar.
  • To shoot: Left click.
  • To change weapons: Roll the mouse.
  • Reload: Press the R key.
  • To throw a grenade: Press the G key.
  • Look at the opponent: Right-click.