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Duck Life

About Duck Life

Duck Life depicts the life of a duckling trying to practice and participate in competitions to save the life of his farm. Run, fly, and swim to win!

The farm was destroyed after a storm. The only way to earn money and restore the farm is to participate in the competition to find the champions. This contest has great prizes. That award will help solve the difficult problems of the farm. Let's practice with the little duck and win the contest!

Accompanying Little Duck

As you know, the duck in Duck Life decided to enter the contest. Before proceeding to this competition, your character needs to practice to ensure his win rate.

Practice With Duck Life

This challenging game gives you 3 training modes: Running, Flying, and Swimming because these 3 abilities are 3 must-have abilities. With the training, you will have different terrains and conditions to practice.

For example, when you join the Swimming course, you will swim on a large ocean with icebergs. You need to decide whether to jump over or dive while swimming to get past them. If you participate in Running training, you will run on vast grasslands to avoid obstacles. The challenges in the training sessions are numerous to help you get used to them.

Enter Race Once Ready

After completing the training courses, you can click Enter Race to participate in the official race. This race will include a variety of terrain that will challenge all 3 skills you have practiced before. Besides, your duck has limited energy resources. Therefore, it only moves to a certain position. To move further, upgrade your duck.

How to Upgrade Ducks in Duck Life

Visit Duck Life's Shop to buy more seeds to feed your ducks. Besides, don't forget to equip your duck with beautiful items.