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Fish Love

About Fish Love

Fish Love challenges you with puzzles and pins to bring two fish together. Your help will bring beautiful and happy love to these two little fish.

Another mind game appeared on our Death Run 3D website. It is perfectly suited for players who love intellectual challenges. In particular, in this game, puzzles will become more interesting when it is designed with the story of two little fish.

Fish Love's Story

Fish Love is a touching love story between two fish. Fish must live in water. In one incident, these two fish fell in love when they were raised and cared for by the same owner. However, this owner did not like this. He doesn't want the couple to be able to love each other while he's alone. That's why the two fish are separated by the pins. Help these two fish come together by removing the necessary pins.

How to Remove Pins

At each level, you can see the pins separating the world of two fish into two different sides. If you pull them out, there will be effects on the two fish. However, how to have positive effects needs to be considered.

How to Remove the Battery Successfully

You successfully unplug the pin when you bring two fish together without any damage. There are places where the fish can fly out of the aquarium or places with lava where it is dangerous and destroy your fish. You need to avoid these two things from happening. After completing a level once to bring love to the fish, the owner will continue to separate them with higher difficulty. That's why you progress to higher levels with more challenges.

How to Control The Game

Please remove the batteries by sliding your mouse. It's easy for you to clear pins and support Fish Love!