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FullSpeed Racing

About FullSpeed Racing

FullSpeed Racing emphasizes the speed of traffic. Coming to this driving game, you can run at high speed while conquering checkpoints. Good luck!

Before this online game, the only game that brought similar thrills was Death Run 3D. It offers players racing at top speed in colorful tunnels. In this driving game, you will continue the speed race. However, your racing object and environment are different. A new environment combined with new elements will bring unique races.

FullSpeed Racing Online

You will participate in online races. However, you will not have rival racers. Instead, you have to fight the game's time limit.

At the start of the game, you have 60 seconds to run to the first checkpoints and get extra time. The next time requires you to complete the next checkpoint. If you can't, the game is over. Therefore, FullSpeed Racing is considered a race against time.

While racing, you need to pay attention to other traffic and roadside barriers. If you collide with these obstacles, your speed will be reduced and take a long time.

Boosts In This Driving Game

FullSpeed Racing helps you conquer challenges with some boosts. You can follow them in the next two sections here.

Upgrade Your Car

Visit the garage to upgrade your vehicle. To level up, you just need to use the coins you earn from the races. So, what can you upgrade?

There are 4 elements you can upgrade: Speed, Accelerate, Steering, and Turbo. These factors help your car run faster. Besides, you can also unlock new colors for your car.

Boost With FullSpeed Racing's Boost Mode

You can speed up this game by controlling. The fastest way to speed up is to collect energy and activate them when full. For activation, see the following controls.

  • Left and right arrow keys - Move left and right
  • Up arrow key - Accelerate
  • Shift - Drift