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Get On Top

About Get On Top

Get On Top is an extremely attractive virtual wrestling game. Engage in fierce competition as both characters try to get to the top as quickly as possible.

Get On Top is built around grappling gameplay and trying to push your opponent's head to the floor to win a match. Players will play as a character to compete against another character for the top position.

To win, you need to try to get 5 points before your opponent in each match and have smart strategies with skillful pushes and quick reflexes. Any action not accompanied by thinking and calculation will lead to failure in the match. Use your strength to jump high and throw your opponent to the floor.

Find ways to move your weight forward, back, and up to balance the position and avoid having your head hit the floor.

Get On Top offers 12 levels of play. Players try to win all 12 of these levels. Be the best winner in this exciting game.

How to play

Player 1: Use WASD keys.

Player 2: Use arrow keys.