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My Space Pet

About My Space Pet

My Space Pet fulfills your dream of having a pet. However, this online game offers a special pet, a pet from aliens. Will this pet make you scary or impressive? Do not be afraid! Alien pets are very gentle and friendly. Moreover, it's also very cute. You can see its lovely shape through its chubby pink appearance.

How To Raise My Space Pet

Your pet will have 3 basic needs: to eat, to bathe, and to sleep. You need to ensure these 3 factors to keep your pet healthy and happy because it's time that the pet is able to function normally and allows you to participate in other activities.

The pet's eating needs are simple when you just need to slash the food that appears on the screen for the pet to eat it easily. To bathe, you just need to take a bath cotton and bathe it. Finally, your pet's sleep needs peace. You need to click on the balls of the same color as the oncoming balls to ensure the quiet sleep of your pet.

Play with Pets and Get Rewards

After taking care of your pet with 3 basic needs, you and your pet can progress to entertainment needs and receive worthy rewards.

My Space Pet Games

There are 3 main games. The first game lets you control pets to fly like Flappy Bird with mouse clicks. The more columns you pass, the more coins you get. The second game is simple as you just need to click on the opponents and destroy them. However, you need to be careful and don't let the enemy touch you. If this happens, the game is over. Finally, join a snake game to control your pet to eat coins.

Prize for Pet

Use the coins you own to buy valuable items in the Shop section.