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Ninja Climb

About Ninja Climb

Ninja Climb is an extremely attractive 2D adventure game. It's a challenging journey to become a skilled Ninja with the highest score in the world.

Ninja Climb belongs to the genre of entertainment game overcoming obstacles in an endless race. Where players are free to explore their own limits and where reaction skills are used most thoroughly. What will we do when faced with difficulties and challenges? Let's explore the mysterious puzzle pieces together in the game Ninja Climb.

Players will take on the role of a warrior dressed in black with a brave spirit ready to fight. Take on the task of climbing the walls of soaring buildings. Try to climb the highest to achieve an impressive score.

The task is not simple as the climbing speed is very fast, and the track has countless obstacles arranged everywhere. Players need to react quickly and flexibly between two walls when encountering obstacles.

Collect power-up items like the Jetpack booster that will help our warriors fly high as quickly as possible.

Tips and tricks

  • Observation skills need to be trained and used continuously throughout the playing process.
  • Stay calm in all situations, especially with the sudden appearance of obstacles.
  • React quickly and be ready with a fighting spirit.

How to play

Use the mouse to play and climb.