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Pirate Pop

About Pirate Pop

Pirate Pop is the conquest of balls in the same way that pirates conquer the ocean. Let's accompany this online game and explore the vast sea.

Each time you join this shooting game is like a pirate's voyage to collect treasures and prepare for new journeys. New journeys will take you to new seas with new levels. Are you ready to explore?

Goal Of Pirate Pop

Like Bee Connect, Pirate Pop only has a single goal. You need to shoot down all the bubbles with your limited number of shots.

To shoot, you just need to use your finger or mouse to drag and aim. Aim to shoot the bubbles to the most accurate position. To be effective when playing, you need to shoot to form a set of 3 or more bubbles of the same color. When this combination is created, the bubbles will be removed.

Remember that you can swap to change the bubble before firing.

Other Miracles

Pirate Pop is inspired by pirates and the blue sea. Therefore, there are many wonders for you to discover.

Special Bubbles In Pirate Pop

On the playing screen, special bubbles can appear at any time. These bubbles have a special use which helps you to destroy a lot of bubbles around. This is especially helpful for progressing to success at each level.

New Boosters And Environments

Pirate Pop gives you 3 boosters with 3 different uses and prices.

  • Briny Bomb for 50 coins helps you explode a bubble you want.
  • Wild Bubble has the same effect as Special Bubble for 100 coins.
  • Chain Lighting allows you to destroy a strip of bubbles for 150 coins.

As you can see, the price of each booster will increase gradually based on the damage to each item. They are totally worth spending such coins. Besides, after completing the levels, you can proceed to new environments with new backgrounds and surroundings.