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Pizza Tower

About Pizza Tower

Pizza Tower takes place in an underground world where pizza towers dominate the entire food market. Join the character and destroy this tower to bring wealth to other pizzeria.

This game belongs to the adventure genre with the goal of destroying the entire underground system of the pizza tower. Join the character Peppino Spaghetti and conquer this goal. Before heading to the official journey, you should prepare well.

Prepare Pizza Tower in advance

Your main character Peppino Spaghetti, an Italian chef who hopes to bring justice to the culinary world. Since he has no experience in this field, prepare him well before taking on challenges.

First, go to the wardrobe to choose the right outfit for Peppino. The costumes for a chef are more diverse than you think. Second, proceed to prepare your character's knowledge about this game. Pizza Tower will take place in 4 levels: Ancient, Water, Boulder, and Horror. Besides, there are also more Custom levels for you to explore. In each level, you will enter the path with countless obstacles.

Entering Official Races

Official races will begin after you enter one of the doors that represent that level.

Select Level In Pizza Tower

Official races do not force you to play in sequence. You can play the Water level before the Ancient level. However, if you do so, it will be difficult for you to conquer the levels because the levels are arranged in order of difficulty. If you are not familiar with the challenges in the easy level, it is difficult to overcome in the next difficult levels.

Conquer the Levels

Move forward and don't be swayed by obstacles. To take on these challenges, combine the joysticks. The game allows you to move the character using the arrow keys. If you want the character to jump, press the Z key. The Z key is also the key to help you choose between different options.