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Ragdoll Mega Dunk

About Ragdoll Mega Dunk

Ragdoll Mega Dunk is a basketball simulation game in the Ragdoll style. Join a club famous for its technical throws and fiery sportsmanship.

Ragdoll Mega Dunk brings a fiery sports environment when players join a professional basketball club with top soccer skills and an extremely unique style. An amazing experience full of surprises that players can challenge. An environment of friction and competition.

The player needs to observe the position of the basket and aim in the correct direction so that the character and the ball go into the basket. Practice basketball skills to create beautiful shots and land in safe positions. Heart-stopping yet technical jumps make players extremely satisfied and excited.

With successful throws, the player will be evaluated by the referee's score. The higher your score proves your playing technique is really good.

With failed shots, players have the opportunity to play again. This is a great thing for players to improve their skills with each round.

Mirra Games has created a mid-air and gravity-defying challenge in Ragdoll Mega Dunk. Do you dare to challenge the dangerous jumps in this game? Let's play and experience.

How to play

Use the mouse.