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Shell Shockers

About Shell Shockers

Instead of using eggs to cook, use eggs to fight in Shell Shockers! Fierce competitions take place with 60+ maps and 4 modes waiting for you.

Let's change the direction of entertainment with an action-shooter game, called Shell Shockers! This game is interesting when you can transform into an egg with the ability to move flexibly and shoot top-notch. Even though you're just entering a virtual world, it's so exciting that you can't stop playing.

Enjoy Shell Shockers With Friends

Shell Shockers has 4 modes: Captula the Spatula, Teams, Free For All, and King of the Coop. Besides these 4 modes, you can play with your friends by creating a new room or joining an existing one. Note that this game is a multiplayer game. You already have many other players participating. However, when you choose to play with your friends, you, your friends, and other players can also join the fight.

Fight Like Eggs

The eggs fight very fiercely thanks to the ability to collect bullets and bombs. Besides, you can also equip your character with powerful items and weapons before participating in battles to improve your victory.

Fighting With Weapons

When entering each map, your egg character has a gun available. During the gameplay, you can collect more ammo and bombs to attack your enemies.

How to attack? Use the following control keys to perform the necessary operations.

  • WASD - Move
  • Space - Jump
  • F - Melee
  • Mouse 0 - Fire
  • Shift - Aim
  • R - Reload
  • E - Swap Weapon
  • Q - Grenade

Besides attacking, you should actively move to avoid the opponent's attack and find a favorable position to fight.

Shell Shockers Items

When entering the Shop and Inventory, you can change the outfit with colors, hats, accessories, and weapons. In particular, there are limited items for you to unlock. To unlock many items, you need to use golden eggs. Collect this special egg from the matches or get it for free from the main screen.