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Tube Master

About Tube Master

Tube Master is a game that combines puzzles and brain training. Use the mouse to connect tubes of the same color according to the allowed rules.

Tube Master is a game that requires thinking, intelligence, observation, and quick action. Completing all levels of the game is a matter of thinking hard to find the rules and implementing those rules. The game draws players into a maze with no exits filled with brilliant pipes.

Tube Master offers 3 levels of play for players to choose from easy level with 90 challenges, medium level with 90 challenges, and difficult level with increased challenges to 120.

Players use the mouse to connect pipes of the same color together and you must cover all the squares. That's an unbreakable rule. Each level will allow the number of times to be connected. You cannot exceed or fall short of the allowed number of attempts.

The game helps players practice problem-solving skills and train their brains.

Are you ready to experience all the levels of the game? Have fun with your friends playing Tube Master.

How to play

Use the mouse.