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About Badland

Badland is the adventure of clones to escape the old land and find a new land. Help clones overcome difficulties and move to a beautiful place.

This game also belongs to the adventure genre like some other games on our website. One of the standout games is Duck Life where you train a duck and enter a competition to win the championship. This championship will bring you a huge prize. Likewise, this Badland game will give you a beautiful land for the future.

Badland Instructions

Please control the clone using YOUR MOUSE or SPACEBAR. Each time you press the joystick, your character will fly high. If you want to fly low, you just need to stop clicking.

The Importance of Flying

Controlling your character's ability to fly in this adventure game is very important because it determines your win or loss. You need to fly over the obstacles and avoid disappearing on the screen to complete a level. With their short wings, clones must be very daring to fly forward. Don't let your character down and help clones!

Some Special Elements of Badland

While flying, you can collect more clones along the way. These clones will be everywhere and you only need one touch to wake them up. They will automatically fly after you. With a large number of clones, you will have more chances to win.

Besides, Badland has two energy-requiring orbs with 2 different abilities. The large energy orb will increase the size of your character while you can shrink with the small energy ball. These energy spheres are clearly identifiable by their external appearance. They are spheres with orange energy in the center and a black outer cover.

Game Levels

Badland is divided into Main Game and Extras. The main game consists of 2 days: Day I and Day II. Extras also has 2 parts: Dreamday and Doomsday. Each part includes many levels with different tasks.