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Bottle Jump

About Bottle Jump

Bottle Jump pops soda bottles and cans to collect all the stars on the map. This action will be very magical when first seen, but it can be addictive to play.

Bottle Jump Info

This game continues to belong to the Fish Love-like puzzle game series. Both games offer challenges with intellectual puzzles. However, the puzzles and goals of these two games are completely different. Fish Love asks you to act for the love of two fish while Bottle Jump requires you to collect all stars before moving on to the next level. The level is also another common point when you can join many levels with different difficulties.

In addition, Bottle Jump has colorful graphics to help you enjoy a vivid game world. Soft drink bottles are familiar to all players, but how to use them to collect stars is a challenge.

How to Complete Levels

Levels are conquered when all 3 stars are collected.

Way To Collect All 3 Stars

Bottles will be placed in fixed positions. When you pop their bottle cap, the bottle cap and soft drink will fly out. You can collect stars when bottle caps and soft drinks can reach them. However, because these bottles are immobile, it is difficult to adjust the direction of movement of the bottle caps and soft drinks. You need smart tactics to accomplish this goal.

Besides, the position of the bottles and stars will change continuously through each level. Try all the ways you can think of. If it fails, you can immediately restart the level thanks to the rotating arrow button in the upper right.

Tips To Play Bottle Jump

In this mind game, the best way to conquer is to determine which bottle to use first. The order of use is most important to have a beneficial effect on the other bottles as well as the stars.