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Bubble Woods

About Bubble Woods

Bubble Woods is a world of bubble shooting in the forest with a little squirrel. Let's race together against time and get the highest scores in this game to receive admiration from other players.

This game belongs to the type of ball shooting that is familiar to online players. One of the other games of this genre is Pirate Pop. The feature of these genres is shooting balls to form combinations of the same color. Combinations with 3 or more balls are removed and you get points from the game. In Bubble Woods, the gameplay is similar. However, there are novelties that have been added to the game.

The Challenges Of The Game

Bubble Woods sets itself apart by providing unique challenges compared to other games of the same genre.

Fight Against Time

Bubble Woods requires you to complete a level within the allotted time. Level 1 allows you to play for 60 seconds. During these 60 seconds, you are not allowed to let the balls reach the finish line. This 60-second time goes by longer than you think. Try to survive this time period.

Against the Speed of Bubble Woods

The bubbles in this shooting game will move from top to bottom until they reach the finish line. You have to fight this. However, the bubbles will move quite quickly and continuously. After your balls, bubbles will be continuously added to test your ability.

Boosters And Rewards Of Bubble Woods

When you collect all 3 chains, a bubble with a superpower is provided to you. This bubble has the ability to cut a series of bubbles in its path. This helps you in times of danger. Note that you cannot save superbubbles. You are required to use it when available.

Besides, Bubble Woods also has prizes like coins and experience points. These two items help you level up and gain achievements.