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Crazy Caves

About Crazy Caves

Crazy Caves is a battle between an old man digging tunnels and giant mineral stones. Destroying these minerals will give you unexpected treasures.

This game is as simple as FullSpeed Racing because you only need to use your control ability. It is similar to how you have to control your car to avoid obstacles on the way. However, in this online game, collision is the end.

Guide play

Crazy Caves has simple gameplay where you need to know the dangers to you and how to avoid and destroy those dangers. Come to the first part, the dangers for you in Crazy Caves.

Dangers To You In Crazy Caves

You appear in a cave with a lot of danger. The stones always appear during your stay here. These stones come in different sizes. They will bounce up and down to create danger for you. In particular, some stones can split into smaller stones.

How To Avoid And Destroy The Dangers

To avoid these dangerous stones, you need to move constantly. Especially, when you see the stones are about to fall, move away immediately.

Besides, the character in Crazy Caves has the ability to throw weapons at the stones to destroy them.

Upgrade Weapons To Fight Better In Crazy Caves

Your weapon does not have great damage in the early stages of the game. Use coins and diamonds to upgrade them to higher levels.

There are 3 upgrades for you: increase the number of weapons, increase the damage of weapons, and x2 the number of coins earned. Upgrading properly will help you win a lot of those admirable achievements.