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Diwali Lights

About Diwali Lights

Diwali Lights conquers the darkness by connecting their brilliant Diwali lights. Connect all the lights on the playing field to achieve this goal.

Connect Lights Of The Same Color

Connecting lights of the same color is your task when coming to this Diwali Lights game. In this online game, there are many images of Diwali lamps. Do you know what these lights mean?

Meaning of Diwali Lights

The Diwali light originates from India. They are the light that comes from oil-lit lamps. Currently, this lamp is lit to commemorate the day the god of light defeated the god of darkness. Its meaning is also exuded from there. Light this Diwali lamp to repel the incoming shadow and move towards a bright future.

How To Light These Lamps

The Diwali lights are all lit by the game at the beginning of the game. However, they need to be connected. Connect two lights of the same color together. When connected, you will create straight lines. The requirement of the game is to connect all the lights without their connecting lines being overlapped.

Level Select

Diwali Lights gives you 5 different levels to conquer. Each big level includes small levels. The number of levels of the game also shows its difficulty as the higher the level, the higher the difficulty. You will face more lights with more challenging positions. This game will not count your time like when shooting the ball in Bubble Woods. You can think until you find an effective way to make the moves.

Besides, you can also cancel previous moves if you feel they are not good. It's very necessary at high levels because they are difficult to finish 1 level with just one try.

How to control: Slide your mouse from one light to another light to connect them.