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Idle Money Tree

About Idle Money Tree

Idle Money Tree entertains you with a simple, click-to-harvest bag of money on the tree. Besides, you can buy more items to increase productivity.

This game is an idle game that aims to entertain and heal the players after the hardships and difficulties of life. This idle game will not require challenging quests. Instead, you just have to feel the fun features of the game and do what you like. Either way, this Idle Money Tree game will not let you down. Life will be very bright in this arcade game.

How to Play Idle Money Tree

The game gives you an available tree. By absorbing the essence of heaven and earth, the tree has the ability to create pockets of money. You just need to click on it to harvest coins. Pockets of money will not stop being created. Harvesting them will be very interesting. The coins will appear continuously and fly everywhere giving you a refreshing feeling.

However, the production and harvesting speed is not high if you harvest in the usual way. Therefore, the game has some items and upgrades to help you increase your collection

Items And Upgrades

Items and upgrades are essential to the game Idle Money Tree because you can increase your speed. Besides, you can also be supported by automatic items. You can just watch the bags automatically move into your inventory.

Idle Money Tree Items

You have 5 items and upgrades to buy: light, water, seeds, apples, and the association of trees. Each of these items costs from $25 to $130K. The more expensive the item, the more benefits you get when playing. It is the same when you upgrade Crazy Caves items.

Continuously Click To Get Booster

As you continuously harvest pocket money, your yield bar will appear. When this bar is full, it will give you an extra source of income. It will be huge.